Citron's ID Card Generator

Pdf File Support

Now you can generate the id cards in pdf file which takes less disk space and ready to print easily on any printer on any computer. It is fast and easy.

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Barcode Support

The software now supports sybologies in Bar Code i.e :Code 128, Code 39, Code 39 Extended and code 93

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QR Code Support

Multiple Fields can be encoded in one qr code

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Multiple Photos Support

Now you can create id card having each candidate's photo and his signature or Student Id Card having their parents photo also on same id card

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Easy Designing

Easy to use Designer interface lets you choose and create id cards of ultimate design with infinite world of attractive designs.

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* Two Card Tray printer support

* Id Card printer(evolis,fargo,hid,etc) support

* Easy To work and Easy Designing of Card

* Super Fast Image Generation

* Barcode Printing

* Automatic Transparency in Signature Field Send To Back or Bring To Front Images Facility in Designer

* Automatic Excel Date Column Formatting to DD/MM/YYYY in the Cards

* Inteligent Data Printing i.e. if the text width is greater than the given text box width it automatically lowers the font size so that text is not trimmed

* Custom Resolution (dpi 300 or 600 etc)

* Supports Microsoft Excel 2007 format

* Send To Back or Bring To Front Images Facility in Designer

* Signature on top of the photo while in designing also

* Better Photo Sizing Control while resizing the image through Aspect Ratio

* Preview of the data present in Excel

* Easy Installation

* Facility To Change Font, Style, Color of The Text

* Left, Right or Center Alignment of Text in the Label Box

* You Can Design the Card In Hindi or other Languages by Selecting The Default Font