Citron ID Card Generator 2.5

Citron's Id Card Generator Version 2.5 is more powerfull, easy and cost effective than earlier. It features Qr Code Facility, Pdf Generation Facility, Muliple Images support on one card and Many types of Photo Shapes. It has also extended its barcode facility to new symbologies i.e. Code 39, Code 39 extended and Code 93.

Citron ID Data Collector

Citron ID Data Collector is a powerful tool designed to simplify the process of collecting student and parent data for ID card makers. Our app and web panel make it easy for schools to input student information and share it with ID card makers, streamlining the data collection process and ensuring that accurate, high-quality ID cards are produced.

Citron's Smart Cropping Plus

It is a software tool for id card professionals which facilitates the photo cropping job of the id card professionals easy. This software allows easy and fast cropping of camera or scanned photos that is to be used on the id cards..

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