Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are its Licence types?

    There are two types of licence one is Net Based activation and other is hardware (usb dongle) licence

  2. What is a USB Dongle?

    It is a usb pen drive like device that is used as a hardware licence. It should be keep inserted in the computer's usb port for software to be run as licenced product.

  3. What is Net Activation?

    We provide a product key using which the product gets registered with us using internet on any system. Once it is registered it can be used as licence one.

  4. Can this product key be used on another PC?

    No! one product key can only be used on a single pc.

  5. After Formatting the system can the same product key be used to register again?


  6. When I am opening a saved project it is showing error?

    This Error occurs when you use an excel file with renamed sheet having spaces or special characters like (#@`, '" etc). It is recommanded that you do not use spaces and special characters in sheet name

  7. Is this software supports the id card printers (thermal printers)?

    It supports all id card printers

  8. In generated id card images mobile no is not showing whereas in excel file it is present?

    This error occurs if in some rows there are some characters used in mobile no column, for example if there is a record with comma 9811111100,9712345678 or +918799999999. If this is the case then please select the whole column and change it to text format.

  9. In generated id card images Date is not showing whereas in excel file it is present?

    This problem is also due to date time format and text format. If you convert the column of all the rows to datetime value or text value. this problem will be solved. This problem occurs due to in some records the date is internally in datetime format whereas in some rows it is either general or text.

    To Convert All the values to date please follow these steps
    • Highlight the cells (only one column wide) containing the dates. You can select the entire column if you like.
    • From the Data menu, select 'Text to columns'
    • In the dialog box, select the 'Fixed width' option and click the Next button
    • If there are any column break lines (vertical lines with arrows) through the data area, double-click on them to remove them all. Then click the Next
    • button
    • In the 'Column data format' section, select MDY (or whichever date format you need) from the Date dropdown. This tells Excel the format of the imported dates.
    • Click the Finish button.
  10. While generating the id cards on A4 sheet there is no gap between the id cards and it is being difficult to cut the cards. What Can I do?

    You can increase the gappings between the cards. When you press the generate button it shows a windows where you select the paper size. On the Same window there is gap in x and gap in y option there please increse the no written in that to increase the gappins. Gap in x means horizontal gap between the cards. Gap in Y means vertical gap between the cards.