Citron Id Data Collector


Citron ID Data Collector offers a number of benefits for schools, ID card makers, and parents, including:

Streamlined data collection: The app and web panel make it easy for schools to input student and parent data in one location, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining the data collection process.

High-quality ID cards: With accurate data and high-quality photos, ID card makers can produce ID cards that are professional and error-free.

Time-saving: The app saves time for schools and ID card makers by providing a single location for data input and sharing, reducing the need for multiple rounds of data collection and communication.

Easy collaboration: The common parent ID feature makes it easy for parents to input their child's data, reducing the burden on schools and ID card makers.

User Panel:

School Panel:

Mobile Apps:

Pricing and Availability:-

Citron ID Data Collector is available for purchase now. Pricing is available on request, and we also offer a free trial so you can see how the app and web panel work for yourself. Contact us to learn more about our pricing and availability.View